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Thread: can't import video into movie maker

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    Can't import video into movie maker

    I need some help with importing videos in movie maker. It is not working at all. I am here trying to import a set of video clips. I had selected everything by hitting Ctrl + A. The import first takes a very long time. I have to kill the process. I then tried to import them one by one and it is also not working properly. The video is recorded via digital camera. I hope there will be some option available by which I can import this videos and make a movie out of it.

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    The reason why you are not able to import the files is due to file format. You will need to modify the same and then test it back. I think movie maker supports a very file formats among which wmv and avi are common. So download a good video convertor software from web. Then covert the clips to avi files and then import them in movie maker. Later on you can create a movie out of it by adding extra transition effects. Just get a good video convertor, that's all.

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    Re: can't import video into movie maker

    I had gone through the same issue. I converted everything to a avi format and it worked. It is necessary that you must download and install a good video convertor. Ample of video convertor affects the video output. I was having raw files from my camera. When I converted them the resolution was affected and in movie maker there is a thick black border on all sides. Which is a bit annoying. I am looking for a good media convertor software which can help me to create more appropriate video.

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    Movie Maker supports ample of video format. Just check whether your system is having the right codec pack or not. You can download and install Klite codec pack from web and install the same in your pc. This will be simply help movie maker or media player to read every video format. Once you get all codec updated in your system the next thing you have to do is simply import the video files and then create a movie out of it. When you are saving file you must publish the same in HD format.

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    It is right that movie maker is capable of reading ample of video format. But for that you will have to install Klite Codec pack. Movie maker is also buggy sometime with heavy video files. The import procedure consumes more time here. I am looking for a bit advance movie editing tool here which can help me to add more new kind of transition effects and advance settings. Which will make my job much more easier. Movie Maker comes with minimal features.

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