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java issues in pogo.com

Windows XP Support

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Old 31-07-2008
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java issues in pogo.com

I have uninstalled and reinstalled java on my computer, but i still can not
play pogo games, it says java not found or not working, I have tried
everything, can someone please help!

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Old 31-07-2008
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You could go to http://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp to check your
Java installation. Have you tried Pogo Games themselves for support?

I have uninstalled and installed java but still cannot play pogo games. It
says java not working or disabled.

I installed internet explorer 8 and could not play games or do a speed test
from spaekesay, i uninstalled it and went back to internet explorer 7 and
every thing worked perfect,

Not sure if this is a permanent fix or if it will work for everyone. But I
felt odd totally removing Java and I noticed I had 3 Javas listed in my "Add
or Remove Programs" page. So I deleted the 3rd and most recent update I
believe was "Java(TM) 7 Update 6" and then went to Pogo, everything loaded
correctly and I am able to play the game. I now show in my add/remove only
two Javas listed: Java 2 Runtime Environment, SEv1.4.2_03 and Java(TM) 6
Update 5. Hopefully this is a permanent fix, if I have problems I will be
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Old 02-08-2008
Dave M
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Make sure that you're running the latest version of Sun Java Runtime
Engine (JRE), that all previously installed versions are uninstalled, and
that all Sun IE browser add-ons are enabled.

IE > Tools > Manage Ad-ons > select Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer > sort by column "Publisher" > Scroll to Sun Microsystems and ensure that all add-ons are enabled.

Another approach you could use is to ask at Club Pogo support itself...
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Old 20-11-2008
DKQ DKQ is offline
Join Date: Jul 2009
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I got it. Finally I can play pogo. I've had this problem for a month and pogo support is so frustrating. I've tried a million things and this finally worked. What worked for me is Tools-Internet Options-Advanced-Reset internet explorer - click on button reset. Voila it worked. I know this reset a bunch of stuff but who cares my pogo is working.
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Old 30-01-2009
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RE: java issues in pogo.com

sorry to answer so late - but if you still are experiencing those aggravating
error codes from java on pogo (what a on going nightmare huh) here is the
solution that easy and works excellent - uninstall all java files - start in
add and remove programs click uninstall - then go to search type java -
right click any java results and click delete - go to java.com click
downloads - then click other java versions - under older versions click the
link provided - under java 2 platform standard edition (j2se) - click scroll
box jdk/jre - 6 - scroll to 6 update 4 and click it - click go - go to
download jre and install it --- if it works you should pass it on at least
once because there are a lot of pogo scrabble players that cant play anymore
due to this annoyer -- the reason for this request is that i dont answer many
help questions yours will be the only one -- so if you are compelled answer
someones java pogo issue because they are just as frustrated as you and me
except they still cant play -- BE COOL --SEE YAA

its not absolutely perfect - but it works great with no side effects
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Old 04-04-2009
Posts: n/a
Update Java and Flash in IE8 and it'll work.

I have Windows XP and I use Norron Antivirus. I found that there was an old
application from Norton that was preventing java from installing. I did and
clean boot using Guided Help and that allowed the Norton 360 to uninstall the
application that was sticking.
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Old 12-03-2010
Roaming joe
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RE: java issues in pogo.com

Im also having trouble with pogo it says java not found I have uninstalled
and re installed till Im blue in the face
I have gone to pogo with the problem I get is a page that says FAQscan
you remove and reinstall pogo????? I can't get in on I E or any other
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Old 17-03-2010
Richard Allen
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Re: java issues in pogo.com

Try using Firefox, it has 100x more support for Pogo, they are moving away
from IE
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