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Thread: factory reset

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    factory reset

    I am running Windows XP and I want to do a factory reset. I went to Dell website and they told me to turn on computer and when Dell splash screen appears then hold Ctrl and press F11 and release them both. I did all those things but nothing happened. So does anyone know how to do factory reset for my Dell machine? Thanks.

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    Re: factory reset

    If that is what they are suggesting you to do on your model, then that is what you will have to do. I will also recommend you holding down the Ctrl key and tapping the F11 key as the PC starts. Incase that doesnt work then you will have to ask the question on the Dell website.

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    Re: factory reset

    Have you tried contacting Dell? If it is a Dell computer and it is the default dell install then they will have to help you restore it for their support policy.

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    If you are seeing a blue bar across the top of the screen while booting only lasts for some seconds, then press Ctrl and enter and after that choose the second options and then continue booting and factory specs.

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    Re: factory reset

    There might be some timing issue that you need to press the key. You can try to do this a bit earlier and then hold the Ctrl and F11 keys down a bit longer, just test the timings. It could be also that you might have done some repartitioning on your computer, that can make the Dell System Restore option not to come up.

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    I am also having a HP laptop which I have just purchased and it has a lot of junk on it and therefore I want to reset it to factory settings. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks

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    When you startup yout pc then press F8. If that doesnt take you into System Restore then restart and then press Control/F11. After that it will tell to repair system and then press enter. Not all the pc will allow you to restore this way. You might have to use the original OS CD. The restore method is much faster though.

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