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Thread: Age of Mythology HELP ME WITH CD KEY PLEASE

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    Age of Mythology HELP ME WITH CD KEY PLEASE

    I along with my friend went and purchased 2 copies of Age of Mythology and everytime one of us tries to log on to ESO then we get a error message that states "We cannot validate your CD key Currently please try again in a few minutes". We both are having different CD keys and 2 different discs. Can anyone help us out? Thanks.

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    Even I am having the same issue. I purchased age of mythology titans expansion but the product key is not working, and it says invalid product key or cannot validate at this time and try again later. I am waiting for a week now to solve this problem.

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    Did anyone of you shared your keys with other people? Incase your key is in use with more than 1 pc, then it tries to use it over and over, microsoft will usually assume the key has been compromised and disable it. It is done automatically, and they cant reset the key, so the only solution is to buy 2 more copies of the game.

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