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Thread: Aquarium Screensaver

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    Aquarium Screensaver

    On my computer I remember that I was having an Aquarium Screensaver but now it is not there in the drop down menu. I have gone to the Microsoft download website but cannot find it anywhere. So, if anyone knows from where I can download Aquarium Screensaver for Windows XP, then it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Aquarium Screensaver

    You should actually try to save energy and increase the life span of your monitor by using the sleep power mode when your system is idle rather than running a screensaver that consumes to much resource and performance.

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    Re: Aquarium Screensaver

    No thanks, since I have found this screensaver, it was looking to be a part of the Windows Digital Media Enhancements that I have got using Add or Remove Programs in Control Panels.

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    I cannot say for sure how much electricity or monitor life you usually save, but my lcd montior, which I am using from ages, looks as good as it was ever and I also use many screensavers that have not affected my monitor at all till this time of period.

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    This Aquarium screensaver was actually a part of the plus package that came along with the Windows Media Edition of Windows XP. You might not be able to download it for free, and it has also been discontinued for sale I think.

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