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Thread: Print server for Vista 64 Ultimate

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    Print server for Vista 64 Ultimate

    I am looking for Vista compatible printer servers. I am not at all able to locate the same. I hope there would be some way by which I can find them. My network has a Vista system. It is a 64bit OS. I had seen people struggling to install print servers which are mostly designed for 32bit system. I am looking features like wifi support, fax and heavy duty print support. Please recommend me the best one.

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    Re: Print server for Vista 64 Ultimate

    I know one. It is D-Link DPR1260. You can try this one. It is a print server that offer you to work with number of models, even with the usb drives. This server has support to scan objects on the basis of connection and also it supports almost all kind of OS. So it is simply a kind of plug-play device. You just need just to hook the connection and configure the same in your system.

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    Re: Print server for Vista 64 Ultimate

    There are number of print servers you can go for. The most important thing that you need is appropriate drivers. If it is possible for you to locate drivers of a older server also then it might work. I am sure a printer does not need any kind of special configuration. Sometime depending on your OEM you need to find the right drivers. This is a much complicated issue for x64 system. There is nice blog that can offer you more information on installation of print server.

    Print driver installation on 32-bit versus 64-bit servers

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    I have a kodak print server that works well with Windows Vista 64bit. I had received the drivers for the same from my OEM only. I am connecting the same through usb cable. Now in Windows XP32 bit it is easily detected while x64 takes some timefrom the same. There must be some kind of universal driver that should help to work on it.

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    You can find the drivers from official website. They always provide the download for the same. It is not worthy to mess around locating 3rd party installation stuff. You can do one thing. First search for some popular print servers and then visit their official website. Look for the drivers support. If they offer you 64bit drivers then simply buy that one only. In this way there will be not issue in looking for the right device.

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