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Thread: x64 print drivers on x86 Print Server

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    x64 print drivers on x86 Print Server

    I have some workstations running 64 bit Windows XP and i need to connect them to print server, i have tried loading 32 bit version driver as well as 64 bit version but it is not getting loaded. If i go in to sharing tab and try to load additional drivers for x64 than it says driver location doesn't contain any information. If i try to load the drivers through server properties, it picks up the driver but it asks for Windows Server 2003 x64 Disc saying that it is looking for NTPRINT.inf from the AMD64 dir. I have the required media but when i am putting in to drive, it says it cannot locate file. I dont know what to do and i am just running out of ideas, is there anyone who can help me out in loading 64 bit drivers on a 32 bit OS?? Thanks in advance.

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    Just try following below steps and check out if that's helping.
    • From x64 machine, go to Start > Run > type "\\servername" without quote where servername is the name of x86 print server. Now open printers folder in list of shares, right-click in Printers folder and select Server Properties.
    • After that go to the Drivers tab, add new x64 driver. Since you are viewing printers folder on x86 machine from x64 machine, x64 option should be there.
    • You should not have any issue with this process if you have an inbox driver. If not than you will have to point to the location of OEM driver.
    • Hope that helps.

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