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Thread: 64 bit programs going in x86 folder

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    64 bit programs going in x86 folder

    I had installed 64 bit itunes (iTunes64Setup) on 64 bit version of Vista Ultimate but i see its installation in Program Files (x86) folder. I have checked out in TaskManager and it is shown as 32 bit application even though i have installed 64 bit itunes?? I don't have any issue in using itunes but i just want someone to clear my doubt.

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    Re: 64 bit programs going in x86 folder

    There's nothing wrong in that, i will like to inform you that Program Files folder is for 64-bit programs where as Program Files (x86) folder is for 32-bit programs. iTunes64Setup is supported by 64-bit systems but its not a 64-bit program. There are several such 32-bit program that have 64-bit components say device driver for supporting 64-bit systems. iTunes64 has CD-burning drivers which are 64-bit rest of them are 32-bit.

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    Thanks for clearing my doubt, i thought that i had missed out something while installing it because of which installation was appearing in Program Files (x86) folder.

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