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Thread: Pros vs. Cons Windows Vista 32bit vs. 64bit

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    Pros vs. Cons Windows Vista 32bit vs. 64bit

    I am using windows xp from a couple of year and now i have made up my mind to upgrade to vista. As there are 32bit and 64bit version i want to know which one is better??? I have tweaked about this with some of my friends who are using 32bit and 64bit version of Vista but i have got answer form them in debate. I just want to know if there are Potential Benefits of 64-bit vista on 32 bit or not?? Is there anyone who have used both on same machine and can share his personal experience here so that i can make my final decision as soon as possible?? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Pros vs. Cons Windows Vista 32bit vs. 64bit

    As far as Potential Benefits of 64-bit version is concerned i will like to inform you that 64-bit system is capable of processing twice as much information compared to 32bit. 64-bit system can sustain more ram, generally it is good choice for those who are in to gaming,do large database searches, video works etc. If you are not in to all that than 32bit will be a smarter choice as it can run most programs like spreadsheet , web browsers, word processing etc at same speed that a 64-bit system will run.

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    RE: Pros vs. Cons Windows Vista 32bit vs. 64bit

    I will suggest you to go for vista 64 bit as per my experience. In my case i have installed windows vista home premium 64 bit in my system recently and it works great. Just make sure that you are having proper hardware resource for running windows vista, there are possibilities where older hardware like very common printer wont work. A better idea will be visiting your system manufacturer site and checking out if 64bit drivers are available for your crucial hardware or not. If not than i will suggest you to settle with 32bit as finding 64bit driver for your hardware after installing vista 64 can result in huge pain. I have gone through all those things and that's why i am sharing it with you. Other important thing i wanted to add is that you wont be able to install vista if you might be having more than 2gb of ram installed in your system. In order to install it your system should have only 23gb ram. Once you install it successfully you can install those extra ram later.

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