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Thread: Creating bootable slipstream CD's for w2k3 X64 ( AMD)

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    Creating bootable slipstream CD's for w2k3 X64 ( AMD)

    I need some help to find me slip stream disc of Windows 2003 for AMD 64bit system. I found a guide on web to make the same, but it looks a bit complicated. I tried a the same a number of time, but the boot loader is not working at all. There must be some better tool available to make a slip-stream disc for assembled system. Is anyone there has worked on this. Any step or suggestion on the same will help a lot.

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    I had did th same and it worked for me. My disc belongs to SP2 edition of Windows XP 64bit. I was able to install that and somehow I am lucky to find it working. Creating a Slip-Stream disc needs proper guide or steps. There is a tool for that. It is called a nLite. There are number of websites online that offer you the version of Windows with most recent patches installed. For 64bit system this is a bit headache and it does not work properly. I am not sure about the reason behind that. Also there is no best tool available that can really work and offer you easy CD creation.

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    For x86 this thing work great, but for x64 this is a bit complicated. Somehow there are issues with executing those exe file and it might not at all work well. There are tons of tool that offer you this kind of support. But I am bit doubtful about the 64bit edition. I did that once and burn the disc through Roxio. The setup was fine, but when the system is almost done with the setup, it crashes. It is very complicated to find which file is messing in the system.

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