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Thread: Need Help Registering DLLs

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    Need Help Registering DLLs after server migration

    I am facing a COM object error while server migration. The server has Windows Server 2003. I am trying to migrate all the settings to 64bit server. But the process halt on a com object error. The error says bout something dll registering. The exact error is somewhat like this - RegSvr32 "LoadLibrary("cdonts.dll) failed - The specified module could not be found. I am not able to figure about what this error actually means and how can I fix it. I had tried to start with scratch again, hoping that is resolved. But still the error exist. Any advice.

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    See as you mentioned that you are migrating your server settings from a 32bit Server to 64bit. So this looks a clear issue of compatibility settings. Just check for regsrv32 file. It is inside %windir%\syswow64. Now both 32 and 64bit are two different type of files that work accordingly. There are less chances using them together. Migration from a 32bit to 32bit or 64bit to 64bit always work.

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    I will advice you to refer to some detailed articles that is available on web. This articles have clear information what you need to do for this kind of problem. It is always a complicated job to migrate settings between two non-compatible operating system. It works to some extent, but due to different version of files, it becomes complicated to get stability. I got a link from IBM that provides you a basic guide on Windows server migration related to DB2. Just check once.

    Migrating DB2 32-bit servers to 64-bit systems (Windows)

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