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Thread: Update for directx on x64 available

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    Update for directx on x64 available

    This is just to inform you guys that new update for DirectX is available. You can find that on Microsoft site. All those how are running 64 or 32bit system must run the update to get latest fixes for Direct X. It is a important part of system and the update will help to improve the stability at great extent. You can also run Automatic Updates to locate it and it will be installed. Those who are on WSUS or Windows please run the setup on all client system.

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    Direct X is necessary for gaming and other stuff. I had performed a fresh update recently. I am not sure you are talking about the same or not. By my Automatic updates shows nothing. It looks the system is updated. Just to ensure that I have all stuff installed I downloaded and run the setup manually. Updates are quiet necessary for every system. You cannot just ignore the same as it would be a bit complicated to locate them afterwards.

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