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Thread: Serial to usb generic driver?

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    Serial to usb generic driver?

    I have bought Belkin Serial to Usb Adapter (FSU103) and there's no xp-64 driver for it on their manufacturer site. I have tried searching for a generic serial to usb driver so that i can use it but no luck it. I have contacted Belkin and have contacted Microsoft as well but they were of no help, that's the reason i am posting my thread here so that someone can point me to a generic xp64 driver, Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Serial to usb generic driver?

    First of all i want to know with what you are trying to use your Belkin Serial to Usb Adapter (FSU103)?? I mean all hardware doesn't require a driver for it, i had bought a Palm serial-USB adapter previously for my ups and it dint required any driver. Just explain your main scenario in detail so that i can have better idea of the issue you are going through.

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    I was trying to connect Belkin Adapter to one of the usb port on my pc and further to wacom intuos graphics tablet. Wacom tablet works fine when connected to my pc directly using its own 64 bit drivers. I need the adapter for increasing length between tablet and pc so i can simply disconnect the adapter from pc when i dont need the tablet rather than messing with port.

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