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Thread: Can't open new window or tab in IE8 32 bit?

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    Can't open new window or tab in IE8 32 bit?

    New tab is not working on Internet Explorer 8. I have a HP system with me. There is a 64bit OS installed on the same. It is a new pc. I had installed Internet Explorer 8. It is a 32bit edition. The setup went fine, there were not errors at all. When I try to pen a new tab, in IE8, I get a empty window saying connecting. There is nothing I can do that in new tab. I checked the all the settings. I had restored the browser settings to default and even run some registry repair fix software. There are some updates showed in the history about IE. Even after adding them the issue is not at all solved. I think adding them on virtual pc would fix the issue.

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    Check the add-ons. Disable them and then try back. I am using Internet Explorer 32bit on my system and it is working fine. I have a 64bit OS installed. As you said the tab open but it shows you connecting, that means it is trying to open some website or url. This can be a spyware or any thing else. Is there a firewall on your system. Just turn that off for sometime and check again. If the issue still exist then the best way to deal with the issue is to change the browser you have.

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    That is a common war between 32bit and 64bit platform. I had suffered that already. I was not aware that my system was 64bit. The seller did not told me anything. I just installed Vista 32bit and done. The system use to crash on driver installation, especially on the lan. Whenever the automated driver disc install the lan driver, Windows crash with blue screen. I had did many stuff and later on I checked my CPU specification where I found that it is a 64bit hardware. You need to do one thing. Avoid using any 32bit application unless it is needed. Install 64bit only. This will make the job much more easier. It is not at all complicated to find the 64bit edition of each app you have.

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    One thing we common miss is the flash and silverlight edition used on IE. If you install 32bit edition of that browser then there are chances that the updates would install 64bit of Silverlight which led to incompatibility. You cannot do anything in that. Download Flash and Sliverlight and run the setup. If that does not work remove IE and collect a better web browser. Check that your security application is not blocking the browser access. You can right click on the same and choose run as > administrator. This will make the browser to work more properly.

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    Do not struggle in configuring a incompatible edition of IE on your system. That makes your job more weaker. On the same hand it is also very complicated to remove it. There are many free browsers which are also available for 64bit edition. You can download and run them. Those will not generate any error.

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    Re: Can't open new window or tab in IE8 32 bit?

    I found this support community just today, while looking for an answer to a similar problem I have. At least I think it may be similar. I am not a tech expert, so I apologize if I'm way off base. I have Windows XP, 32 bit, but IE 7, not 8. But, I also recently installed (and cannot uninstall) microsoft security essentials.

    Even more recently, I have had difficulty, or am flat-out unable to open search results or links provided by emails. I also experience the same kind of results expressed here--clicking may result in a never-ending attempt to connect (no help from refreshing) or no response at all, and am not helped trying to right click open a new window (I should mention that my problems relate largely to regular left double clicks, just trying to open something or go to a site, but I have tried the right click/open window unsuccessfully in trying to get around the general problem).

    This latest problem is very frustrating and has pulled me off of my efforts to uninstall MSE. I've gotten one set of directions to uninstall manually from Microsoft that I've had no luck with, but plan to try again. The second set of directions sent to me by Microsoft sent me to a range of uninstall tools for other security programs that I've had in the past and thought were totally uninstalled--I think I've used every one at some time. As of last night using these tools has not changed anything either.

    Bottom line, I'm sad to read no one has a fix for the main problem here (I think it might well help me if there were). I now wonder, however, if the problem is a MSI, 32 bit problem, rather than an IE, 32 bit problem? Any thoughts? Thanks for listening; it helps to vent.

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    Can't open new window or tab in IE8 32 bit?

    I have discovered that it was an add-on - IE developer toolbar.

    I assume that others have experienced the second tab closing as soon as you try to open it. When I opened 'manage add-ons' and disabled the IE developer toolbar, closed and restarted IE, it works flawlessly.
    That worked for me!

    Further to my post above, I just realised that I have IE6 developer toolbar installed before I upgraded to IE8 and am fairly convinced that this caused the issue.

    It seems that enabling the developer toolbar again in IE8 is ok, but one of them is 'developer toolbar BHO' and it seems that this one is the 'offender!'

    Hope this helps

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