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Thread: VMWare on WIndows 7

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    VMWare on WIndows 7

    I am running VMware workstation in Windows 7 and have installed linux in virtual machine but i am not able to access internet. I have tried pinging the router and it gets pinged but i don't know why i cannot browse anything. I have installed linux in virtual machine for the first time and i am not sure if i am missing anything.

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    Re: VMWare on WIndows 7

    I am not familiar with Linux in virtual machine but i have used Windows OS in virtual machine. I want to know if you are using NAT network setting in virtual machine or Bridged network?? I wasn't able to access internet while using NAT network setting and i had to use Bridged network later. So just check out your network adapter setting and let me know what you have there for getting better idea of your issue.

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    Ohh i see, Currently i was trying to use NAT network setting. I haven't tried out Bridged network , will surely give it a try later and will find out if was having similar case as of you.

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    Re: VMWare on WIndows 7

    Hi All,
    Can anyone address my below concern
    1) I have Windows-7 in my s/m and i wanted to install Win-XP. Does higher version support lower version, if so how to install ?


    2) Can I install VM Ware on Windows-7 and then install Windows-XP in VM-Ware? does it support?

    I need Windows -XP run QTP (Quick Test Professional) s/w, since, as far as i know QTP is supported only by Windows-XP (if not only this let me know)

    ! Any better solution than above is greatly appreciated !

    Thanks !

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    Re: VMWare on WIndows 7

    Yes you can surely install Windows XP on the Windows 7 but remember to install that on drive other that the drive on which windows 7 is installed. As when you try to install that on the same drive it may override it and prompt you with a error. AS far as installing Windows XP in VM ware is concerned I think that it might support it , but I have never tried that before I hope you should try that and let me know , most possibly it should work .

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