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Thread: Upgrade Windows XP 32 Bit to XP Pro 64 Bit?

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    Upgrade Windows XP 32 Bit to XP Pro 64 Bit?

    I am running Windows XP Media Center Edition Ver 2002 SP-3 from a long time and i am willing to install Windows XP Pro. I want to know which will be the best option? Full Version? Upgrade Version? I also wanted to know which service pack will be better??? any suggestions??

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    Re: Upgrade Windows XP 32 Bit to XP Pro 64 Bit?

    First of all i will like to inform you that you are not allowed to upgrade from Windows 32 bit OS to any 64 bit OS. You will have to do a clean installation. Anyways before upgrading to XP x64 just check out if x64 bit drivers are available for your system hardware. I have some friends who had upgraded to x64 bit os and later reverted back to 32 as there were no 64bit driver available for some of their system hardware's.

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    Re: Upgrade Windows XP 32 Bit to XP Pro 64 Bit?

    Why don't you just go with windows vista 64 bit?? I think upgrading to that will be a better idea rather than upgrading to XP x64. I have recently upgraded to vista 64 bit and it works much better. I agree to what Wooody has mentioned, first make sure that 64 Bit drivers are available for needed hardware's because there is no point in upgrading to 64 Bit OS if they are not available.

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    No i don't want to upgrade to vista, i have come across many people having issue with 64 bit vista. I have asked about the upgrading thing to my friends who have used vista and they have suggested me to better go for XP Pro 64 Bit. If at all i don't find XP Pro 64 bit driver for required hardware of my system i will better wait for windows 7.

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