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Thread: disk defragmenter not working?

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    disk defragmenter not working?

    I am having some problem with disk defragmenter and need some help on it. Yesterday at night I was trying to defragment the the hard disk and therefore left it all alone on that status but today in the morning when I checked the same, it is still saying that it may take a few minutes or hours to complete the defragmentation process. Now I stuck here on what should I do in this situation, should I stop it or just leave it alone?

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    You could try to disable the Windows built-in defrag schedule by going into Control Panel and then System and Maintenance. Here you have to choose the option Defragment your hard drive and then uncheck the run on a schedule option. Then you can use a software called Auslogics Disk Defrag from its official website and perform the disk defragmentation again on your computer which is pretty fast than the inbuilt disk defragmenter of Vista.

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    I think that the disk defragmentation stopped because of a corrupt file. So, are you able to see on which file the defragmentation has stopped? If you can cannot then try to go into my computer and then right click your hard drive and then go to its Properties. After that click on tools tab >> Error Checking >> Check both boxes >> hit start >> schedule a scan and then reboot your computer. After this is done, the disk check will find and solve the file that was giving the problem. Also, this process may take a while like lets say 1-2 hours or so to complete.

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