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Thread: svchost 100% CPU and Possible windows update problems

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    svchost 100% CPU and possible windows update problems

    I have Windows Vista installed on my computer and it is running very slowly. When I checked in the task manager then it was showing me that svchost.exe was using 100% Cpu. After that I used the system internals process explorer then it showed me that the CPU is ntdll.dll file which is the cause of this issue. So I ran antivirus and anti-spyware software on my pc, but nothing was caught. I also logged into Safe mode and cleared all the softwaredistribution folder and it seems that the slow running doesnt happen in this mode, since the services are disabled by default, thats why. I then tried to update Avg antivirus and it needed some windows update file which I applied, but there after I got the installation failed message with an error message 0x800706bb. So, is there anyone who can help me sort out this problem. Thanks

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    Re: svchost 100% CPU and Possible windows update problems

    Even I was facing similar kind of problem on my computer and it was the same svchost.exe file that was causing the CPU to run at 100% on my computer. I did some research to find solutions for this problem by troubleshooting some running services but was not able to find any possible solution for same. After a couple of weeks or so, someone had similar issues and said that it could be cause but to a conflict between the antivirus applications. I had the eTrust antivirus and when I did a update, everything fixed all by itself. So hope that this small information would be able to help someone who is having same problems.

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    I guess the only way to solve this problem is by doing a complete reinstallation of Windows Vista. After when I reinstalled the operating system and updated to the latest service packs and also after reinstalling all the latest version of applications, the problem was solved. So I definitely think that this problem might be causeed due to some type of corruption and not because of some virus or malware, since it was not detected in the very first place.

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