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Thread: Windows Vista shuts down unexpectedly error

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    Windows Vista shuts down unexpectedly error

    I am getting a error that Windows shutdown unexpectedly. I am getting each time when I start my system. I had restarted the system when it stuck on game installation. The error basically comes one or two times on boot. It is never constant. I checked inside Event Viewer and found a list of long errors. I had never notice. I am not able to understand the actual problem in my system.

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    This happens when you leave the system on hibernation and some applications or drivers fails to load properly. I think soon you will get bluescreen. I had faced this in my system. I always keep the system on hibernation and then on turning it on, the system crashed. It puts a bit pressure on the system hardware causing failure of different drivers. If you are using a Vista system and that too a 64bit then you must keep a close watch on the driver and software version you are going to install.

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