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Thread: How to read mini-dump files?

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    How to read mini-dump files?

    I am using Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 on my pc and am continuously getting blue screen of death on my system. I am trying to find how to read the mini dump files that is generated in the error as others like to do to solve their case. This problem usually occurs because of the wireless internet connection that I am trying to troubleshoot by clicking on the "Currently connected to" icon in the system tray. But things doesnt go well and nothing works, and finally when I try to shut down the pc, then it hangs for a while and when it finally restarts then I get the "Windows Has Recovered from an Unexpected Shutdown" message with problem event name BlueScreen. So, is there anyway I can read the mini-dump files and solve it?

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    There is a complete guide given to read the small memory dump files that Windows creates for debugging on the microsoft website. The article has step-by-step procedures that describes how to examine a small memory dump file. You can use this file to determine why your computer has stopped responding from here -

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