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Thread: Windows Vista Sidebar problems

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    Windows Vista Sidebar problems

    I recently upgraded one of Xp running desktop to Windows Vista and downloaded few useful desktop gadgets to put in the sidebar. But there seems to be some problem with the same. Whenever I try opening the downloaded gadget, I use to get the following error message:

    "Unable to load "C:\Program files\Windows\Sidebar\Gadgets\Clock.Gadget".

    (Identical for every other gadget besides clock.gadget). Now I don’t want re-install entire system just because of the Sidebar. Is there anyway we can repair or fix the sidebar in Vista ? Please help.

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    Re: Windows Vista Sidebar problems

    If it was working before properly and recently you started getting the problem, then simply restore your system to any previous point where it was working fine. You will just loose your latest installed application but you can re-install them again after System restore.

    Secondly, as you said this is your fresh Vista installation, if you haven’t used the Sidebar for a single time then I guess the sidebar is not enabled. We need to enable it first before we can use it. To do this, open Group Policy Editor by type GPEdit in the start menu, and locate to the following location:

    User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Sidebar

    Here on the right side you will see a key named Turn off Windows Sidebar. Right click the same and select properties. Here select the box for ‘Not Configured’ and click OK.

    Now restart the computer and start using the sidebar as well as your gadgets.

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