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Thread: Windows Media Player and analog copy protection error

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    Windows Media Player and analog copy protection error

    Using HP Pavilion notebook PC with Windows Vista. I was trying to run a DVD via video output to my HDTV but instead I got an error saying “"Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because it is not possible to turn on analog copy protection on the output display. Try installing an updated driver for your video card."’

    After searching a lot I came through an article that make me think that only Windows Media Center can play my DVD's. Is it correct or do I need to purchase a separate DVD decoder or DRM plug in for Media Player?

    Somebody please help.

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    Re: Windows Media Player and analog copy protection error

    As far as I know the Copy Protection cuts in when you’re Video Card or Monitor does not comply with the HDCP standard. You should check out for the same. Actually DVD applications try to enforce this but if due to any reason they can't over your component connection then they quit. And talking about Windows Media Center, they actually low down your system resolution to 480i and hence it is able to play DVDs unlike other applications. In such cases what you can do is use VGA connection to my TV. I have seen most of the people using PowerDVD XP that plays DVDs comfortably on Vista system.

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    Re: Windows Media Player and analog copy protection error

    I too was facing the same problem on Vista while plating DVDs through s-video to my TV. Somebody suggested me to use Windows media player classic and that really helped. Try it out

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