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Thread: setup.exe has stopped working

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    setup.exe has stopped working

    I found many articles with this error but nothing of them helped me. Whenever am trying to install “microsoft web developer express’ on my Windows Vista system I get the following error “setup.exe has stopped working”. This occurs just before the installation comes near to end. So far I have tried everything I know to fix it out but nothing helped.

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    setup.exe has stopped working

    Me to getting the same problem while installing the recently purchased game. As soon as I start the installation suddenly I pop comes up saying “setup.exe has stopped working” and just after this, one more comes up saying “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify if a solution is available.” Somebody please help me out too. Really wanna play this game.

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    Re: setup.exe has stopped working

    I think the main problem is with compatibility. Most of the games don’t work/support Vista and Microsoft wont support vista either. So, it is better to keep Vista for only work purpose and if you want to play games, dual boot your system with XP and install the same in that.

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