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Thread: Vista won't shut down

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    Vista won't shut down

    Just two days ago I did clean windows Vista installation on one newly assembled desktop computer. There was no problem during the installation, I also installed all required applications and programs without problems. But later when I click on ShutDown, it got to the same but restarted again. In short, whenever I click shutdown my Vista actually restarts. What could be the issue ?

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    RE: Vista won't shut down

    Let me first give you an example. I have configured my mobo and system to boot when I move my mouse. This is how I have set them up. Also my motherboard has jumper settings using which I can boot up the system by connected USB devices or by keyboard as well. So whati want to say is do you also having any such USB device connected with your computer? No matter you havenít configured it for boot up many times if the device is connected and your mobo is having such settings, it gets configured automatically. So check these out first.

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    RE: Vista won't shut down

    Thanks a lot for the help and completely new info for me. I was just not aware of such settings. Yes, I have connected my USB external Hard drive with the system. Iíll need to check its properties in device manager. Will do the same later and reply here back if it is the cause. Thank you.

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    Re: Vista won't shut down

    I have been through exactly the same problem. One of my friends suggested me the same thing. I went to Device manager, click on my Mouseís properties, went to Power Management and found that the option for "Allow this device to wake up the computer" is selected. This was waking up my computer every time. I just unchecked the box and everything got fixed.

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    Re: Vista won't shut down

    I have problems with shutting down my Vista laptop...if I don't lower the lid & turn off the power source for charger and modem etc. it will shut down then start up again.

    After reading the threads, I worked out an extra USB port device with 4 more USB ports branching off it is probably causing the problem . Everything was generally ok until it was plugged in (Generic USB Hub) ... I think it was from HSBC. I hv an Epson Stylus C59 and Logitech mouse plugged into the device and a Logitech keyboard connected to a laptop port. I've worked out what I probably need to do, but I don't know how...

    -Find a way for Generic Hub to not wake up the laptop after shut down
    -Find another way to fit the external keyboard, mouse and printer on the original ports and fit at least one more Thumbdrive in somewhere...

    I looked at the USB contoller section in Device manager and counted 8 USB ports (plus the ones frm the Gerneric USB Hub) in total. The Generic Hub has 4. So this means the laptop must have 4. But I can only find 3 on the laptop.

    I am using Windows Vista SP2 64-bit operating system. Toshiba Laptop. Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.00 GHz 2.00 GHz processor. Clean version copyright 2007.

    Can someone help me resolve this problem? Thanks.

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