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    I’m using Windows Vista since a quarter now. Recently started getting a problem. Every now and then I keep getting error message on the screen “regsvr32/u”. Tried to get some help from internet but found only one guy with the same error. In his case the error was occurring only while running movies maker but in my case the error occurs always without using anything. Though I tried his solution but that dint helped me. Can any one here help me out with any working solutions.

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    Re: regsvr32/u

    Well I’m aware of this error. There could be various reasons for this error and hence various solutions as well depending on your situation. Such as, if you have Nero installed on your system, simply update it to the latest version. You also need to unregister the Ligos codecs by opening CMD as an Administrator and running the following command:

    regsvr32 /u

    press enter and you will get the confirmation box saying it is successfully unregistered. Make sure to do this for all codecs. Now go to the following location C:\Windows\System32 and locate the particular dll file that is giving you error. Simply right click the same and rename it to (ex.) Now restart the system and see if you are getting the same problem.

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    Re: regsvr32/u

    I have the same problem. Vista says that the problem is the file but I looked in Windows/System32 folder and there was no Imp-file even when I made systems files lookable in the Control Panel.I tried to use Cmd but the answer was "could not find the file or".

    I think it is bad that Microsoft seems to leave their customers without help for this problem. I read that signature bettyboop had the same problem and she had to formatt her hard disk.

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