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Thread: Blue Screen when system awake back from Sleep Mode

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    Blue Screen when system awake back from Sleep Mode

    I need some help here to deal with BSOD issue on my system. I am using a notebook which was purchased just 2 weeks ago. I had faced bluescreen a number of time on it. The stop error message on the screen was first associated with the network printer. Later on the error appeared due to sleep mode. When I resume my system from sleep mode I am getting that particular error. The screen freezes a lot. I cannot add any new hardware also because it crash and throw bluescreen error.

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    You must contact the vendor and show him the issue. The most common cause of Bluescreen is a incompatible hardware or faulty ram. You can also carry the system to your nearest service center to find issue on it. It is not recommended that you troubleshoot it on your own. Go in Control Panel > Event Viewer and there try to locate set of errors. You can find a detailed description of all errors and work on the same. It will show you information on hardware failure.

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    You should be able to find drivers for your HP laptop here:

    I've been really pleased with my 6 month old HP Pavilion DV6000,
    for which they gave me a free Vista upgrade.

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    This are due to faulty driver. Visit the official website of your laptop manufacturer and find fresh and updated drivers. Configure the setup through that and the see whether your system crashes or not. You can also run a full system recovery to get your best settings back. The next important thing is to run appropriate updates and patches which are the most required stuff and it makes your system stable.

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    I am facing the same thing on Toshiba Satellite A205-S4577 laptop. I am not able to understand why this issue appear. I had tried to perform a number of test to resolve the issue but still the error remains common. I had formatted the system, installed OS from scratch and updated drivers also. But still the system crash with blue screen. Later on I found the issue lie with incompatible wifi drivers. Luckily I found some updates related to that on Windows Update and it worked.

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