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Thread: 0x81000029 when trying to start backup

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    0x81000029 when trying to start backup

    I am running RTM Ultimate x64 on a desktop, installed just 3 weeks ago. Today I was trying to backup the system to an external hard drive but it gets stuck every time with an error message saying “Your backup configuration
    is not valid. Review your backup settings. (0x81000029).” Any idea what could be the problem ? Am sure disk space Is not a problem because I have enough space left.

    Somebody please help.

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    Re: 0x81000029 when trying to start backup

    As far as I know the cause of the problem would be your OEM partition is marked as Active. Just go to disk management and see if it is so. We should need to find out a way to change the Active partition to a different partition. BTW, which brand your desktop is ? is it IOEM or not ?

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    Yeah even I think the problem is sure related to the disk management because once one of my friend was facing the same thing. He was getting error codes 0x81000029 and 0x80070001 while doing the backup. After lots of research finally we got the solution on this page. Just go through the steps mentioned here and the problem will be fixed.

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