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Thread: Aero is not working on Windows Vista

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    Aero is not working on Windows Vista

    This is a brand new Windows Vista I installed on a newly assembled desktop yesterday. For some reason Aero is not working on this newly installed system.

    Can anyone here please tell me how to install Aero OR if it comes pre-installed than how can we enable the same ?

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    re: Aero is not working on Windows Vista

    Hello Erwan, The Aero comes pre-installed with the system and enabled. But if due to some reason it is not working on your system by default, follow these steps to enable the same:

    • Start by right clicking on Desktop and select Personalize.
    • Now click Visual Appearance and select Classic Appearance Properties.
    • Here see if the Windows Vista Aero is enabled. If it is disabled, enable it and click OK.
    • Now click the checkbox next to Enable Transparent Glass and click OK.

    That’s it. Your Aero should be working now.

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    re: Aero is not working on Windows Vista

    Hey Winckle, thanks a lot for your help friend. I followed your instructions but stuck on the 2nd steps itself. Am just unable to find any option named “Classic Appearance Properties”.

    Can you help me out here? Thank you again.

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    re: Aero is not working on Windows Vista

    Just right click on My Computer icon on the desktop and select properties. There you will find an option for RATING under system section. Just click the same and see what rating you get. This is the feature that analyzes your system according to the hardware you have and the requirements for the operating system to run on this hardware comfortably. In my system, it gives me rating of 2 and am facing the same problem. No Aero.

    After doing some research for the same I came to know that when we install Vista on any machine, it first checks your video card or graphic card to see if it can run the Aero. If your system doesn’t meets the requirements it will not run. But still you can try updating your video card drivers and see if it can help. Also note that, I guess you need probably more than 3 rating to run the aero.

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    I got your point Big Fish, that is actually the problem I guess. My system shows the rating of 1…damn. I’ll try upgrading my system later.

    And now I know why - color setting was at 16 bit - set it highest 32 bit
    Aero option appears

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