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Thread: How to fix Stackhash Error in Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit

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    How to fix Stackhash Error in Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit

    Can anyone help me to find information on the issue I am facing. I Installed windows vista last night on my Dell Latitude D620 (don't know if this helps). I upgraded from windows xp professional. Since then I have been having a problem. I tried to access control panel to change something and I got the: Restart Windows explorer or search online then restart it. Firstly I clicked online and nothing came up, it just restarted explorer.

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    Re: How to fix Stackhash Error in Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit

    I have found the gargle several hits that were related to Internet Explorer. In many cases there is a reset of IE settings helped. I need to follow up this time: The DEP can add any exe file for each one exception - why does it not in this case, comes an error message? Or is it still possible for a web application, then I would suspect that it's about Java. Maybe you can from the crash report once a screenshot and upload it here.

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    Re: How to fix Stackhash Error in Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit

    You're right, there is a web application. I did not think that makes a difference. I gave you two screenshots attached! I hope that you can start something. If the amps will not, you can still try the compatibility mode, or run it once as administrator by right-clicking. What I would however recommend a program that accesses the Internet, but never as a permanent solution.

    • The program file is located in the Windows directory. For this data can not be turned off DEP
    • There is a 64 bit application.
    • The program was compiled for Vista or Windows 7 with the corresponding constraint - in this case is the message that is intended by the program itself.

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