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Thread: vista monitor sleep after some time

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    vista monitor sleep after some time

    Facing strange problem with my Vista system. Though the Sleep settings are all at default that came with vista, I just changed the time to 5 minutes telling computer to go to sleep after 5 minutes in inactive mode. Well it goes in sleep mode after 5 minutes if the computer is not in use but the annoying part is that though am watching any movie, it goes to sleep mode after 5 minutes.

    I checked the settings but everything seems fine. Furthermore I also tried updating video drivers for my Nvidia GEforce 9300, checked all power settings, etc but still the same problem. I donít think there is any such problem in Windows XP but have seen this problem on 2 different Vista bases PCs. Is this any kind of bug in Windows Vista ?

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    Re: vista monitor sleep after some time

    Sleep mode in Windows Vista simply is an result of the low power consumption and storage of information about running programs and open documents-in memory, but also saves the information to your hard drive in case of power failure the data can be easily restore. Hibernate - a mode of supply, where all open documents and applications are stored on a hard drive, and only after that the computer is turned off. You can do by right clinking My Computer on desktop and click Properties.

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