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Thread: Improving disk performance

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    Improving disk performance

    I am having a 160GB Hard disk in my desktop pc running with Windows Vista Home. There is just 2 partitions on the HDD, that is C for operating system with 60GB and D for games data with 100GB. Since last couple of months I noticed that disk activity is slowing down my user applications. Also my games started slowing down. Is there any way I can increase the disk performance as it was before ?

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    Re: Improving disk performance

    10 Ways To Improve Performance in Windows Vista:
    • Remove Unused Fonts
    • Defragment you Hard Disk on Boot
    • Speedup Folder Browsing
    • Defragment Your Hard Disk
    • Optimize Your Pagefile.sys
    • Disable Indexing Services
    • Use a Flash Memory to Boost Performance
    • Disable Performance Counters
    • Optimize Display Settings
    • Detect and Repair Disk Errors.

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