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Thread: How to run system restore through DOS

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    How to run system restore through DOS

    I am posting a small tip here which will help many people to restore there system via dos. It happens that your system may fail to boot and you also cannot enter Safe Mode. But still through DOS we can run system restore. Run CMD and then type rstrui.exe and hit enter. You can see System Restore window on your screen. You can then use the same to restore your system. This would help you to get your older system back. It is helpful against virus infection and crashes. Second method that you can try is using Windows bootable disc. I am talking about Vista here. Just boot your system with that and then click on Repair. Then choose System Restore.

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    This methods are helpful only when the system will be recoverable. But if there are virus in your system they will be restored back. Vista is buggy with old hardware and drivers. There is nothing much you can do in it. You must check properly before installing anything in Vista. It is better if you keep a recovery partition ready. You can do that with the help of Ghost or any other image recovery software. There are ample of them available.

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    I am having a Vista x64 system. I purchased a 64bit system to get better output. I am using some video editing software which needs high system resources. But after the driver setup the system crashed. I agree that Vista is very buggy with old drivers. But old applications also come in the same list. I tried to run system restore, but nothing worked.

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    Recovery partition is the best choice. It also gives you freedom to test new or old application in your system. Second thing whenever you are trying to install or run software in your computer do that on compatibility mode only. This will keep your system working and avoid crash.

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