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Thread: Chkdsk runs EVERYtime on startup - how do I make it STOP???

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    Chkdsk runs EVERYtime on startup - how do I make it STOP???

    I am running windows Vista 32 bit. System was working great since 6 months but now donít have idea what went wrong, every time I start the computer, Chkdsk runs for sure every time. It uses to happen each time I start the computer.

    As a workaround I restored my system to earlier point but that dint helped. Can anyone of you suggest me some working fix for the same.

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    Re: Chkdsk runs EVERYtime on startup - how do I make it STOP???

    I donít know what could be the problem but there is a way you can force Check Disk to stop running by doing some changes in registry. If you are not aware of playing with registry will suggest you to download this hotfix . Save it on desktop, right click and select merge. If you get any UAC or confirmation popup, just click OK. Thatís it. Now restart the system, hopefully it wont be running any more.

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    Re: Chkdsk runs EVERYtime on startup - how do I make it STOP???

    Thatís a great tip Gonzo but i have a question with the same. Though you can prevent chkdsk to run, but why donít you guys trying to find out why is it running every time? It is because there is some error that checkdisk is unable to fix and hence it keeps on trying every time. Infact of blocking it, you should take it seriously if you donít want your system to create any more problems.

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    Did you guys tried running System File Checker? if not do it now. Once the chkdsk gets complete, go to start menu> right click command prompt and select Run as Admin. Type sfc /scannow and press enter. Let it check your system files. See if reports you any error.

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