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Thread: View DOS on full screen in Windows Vista

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    View DOS on full screen in Windows Vista

    Does anyone knows how to get DOS on fullscreen mode in Windows Vista. Does it needs any specific video driver for that. I am not able to find the solution for it. In Windows XP the driver that I have works fine. But when I use the same on Vista, I received bluescreen. I do not need any aero or other features of desktop. I just need help to run DOS on full screen.

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    Yes there is one way. Right click on cmd and then click on properties. Now to Options tab and check for Desktop Options. You can find two checkmark options there. Choose Fullscreen and click on OK. You can also personalize other stuff there making it easy for you to use. This is the quickest way you can try to get full screen on your system.

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    re: View DOS on full screen in Windows Vista

    Full Sreen in Vista or Windows 7 ?

    This work realy !!
    Switch display mode Vista (or W7) in standard VGA mode!
    Full screen MS-DOS then work good!

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