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Thread: Block full internet access to a program

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    Block full internet access to a program

    I really a help on this Windows Vista’s firewall. Due to some reason I want to block internet access for browsers on this computer. I tried doing this from the firewall in this way:

    • Open Firewall and clicked New Rule.
    • Clicked Program, program location, selected ‘Block the connection’.
    • Selected all profiles and named the rule.

    I did this for both inbound and outbound access but still when I try browsing with internet explorer or firefox, all webpages loads fine. Means, internet is still working. I don’t know why is it still happening though columns on the firewall control panel show that the rules are enabled and the action is block.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong? Any advice please?

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    To completely block a program's internet access, search "Firewall" in the start menu and look for "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" and choose it. Select "Inbound Rules" (you might have to wait a second for the programs to appear), you should see a list of programs on your computer. Choose the one you want to block and right-click it (if you see two copies of the same program, do this to both of them) then select "Properties". Under "General" in the pop-up window, click the box under "action" marked "Block the Connections" (make sure you do this to both of the programs).

    Now choose "Outbound rules" in the left panel. Go to Action>New rule. In the new window, choose "Program", then specify the program you want to block and click next. It's all pretty straightforward from there on. BTW, this is the method I used to block my adobe flash CS4 from checking the authenticity of my serial number, i hope it works for whatever purpose you want it too ;-]

    Try internet lock

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    Re: Block full internet access to a program

    Hey even I need some similar kind of help. You guys saying it should be done under “Advance Security” option but when I check my Firewall status, there is no such option.

    Mine is Windows Vista Home Premium. Is there anything like this option depends on Vista version?

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    Re: Block full internet access to a program

    if I use the same method under win7 to block adobe cs5, does anyone has experience to prove this will work ??

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    Re: Block full internet access to a program

    If you are using the Windows XP service pack 2 on your system then you will be able to do that. Just click on the link below and this will redirect you to the Microsoft site which will provide you the detailed information about this.

    Go to Microsoft support site.

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