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Thread: Active Directory Domain Services Is Currently Not Available?

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    I had here tried a number of things to fix the issue that I am facing on Vista 64bit. I am not able to get proper working settings. I had kept the network as private. There is a password for those who want to access it. The network discovery service is kept on. File sharing is also active. I had disabled firewall to avoid any blockage. Later on I was working with DNS server. I had not done this settings before. I am facing issue with Active Directory. I got the error on the screen while configuration. Any idea what it is actually.

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    You need proper dns settings for that. The issue is just not related with AD. You can activate the service by going in Administrative Tool > Services. There you can find AD related services and then just turn them on. I do not think there is any association with the AD and the error that you are facing. You can start working by enabling netbios first. For that you will need to go in Network. Type ncpa.cpl in the Start search box and hit enter. In that go in Manage Network Connection and choose the active connection. Then simply right click on that choose properties and go in TCP/IPv4. Go to Advance > General and then look for WNS tab. Enable Netbios and then click ok. Restart your pc and check back.

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    The integrated dns server needs Active Directory or else it will not work properly. You have to enable the service first or you will keep on getting the error. I had always seen this bug in Vista while compared to that in Windows XP the same things works properly. There is no error at all. It is necessary that you must enable the domain controller. If it is then try disable and then re-enable the same back again. It will start working. There will be no issue at all. You can find the steps of the same on the official microsoft website and check back again.

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    There are around 10 computers which are on the network. They are connected to a router and server which is the central part. You can simply try using the Active Directory as the physical server. This is one of the best way to fix the problem. I think there is no need of enabling a home lan here. You can try to connect to the cable directly through wifi and enable the connection. I hope it is surely going to work well. Disable the firewall and check one more time. A number of connectivity is simply blocked by the firewall itself and there is no way to fix it.

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