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Thread: Route - local connection only

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    Route - local connection only

    I have a Windows XP pc running fine with network and internet. I tried dualbooting the same with Windows Vista. After installation I found that network route shows I reinstalled it again and again, also tried 32bit as well as 64bit but the problem exists as it is. Iíve two routers; one is Netgear cable router and second Speedtouch ADSL wireless router.

    I checked both Router Ip and Lan Ip, both are OK. My IPv6 is disabled. I also ran route delete command and replugged network cable but still the problem wont go. I tried searching web but not getting proper results as my problem. So can anyone here please tell me how can I remove the so that I can have LAN connection when on
    the username/password authentication screen? Many thanks for all your helps.

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    Re: Route - local connection only

    First of all enable back IPv6. Then delete gateway using route command (route delete and then again disable IPv6. For much better, install new firmware for the router or a new driver for the NIC. It will be good if you run Windows Update as well. Try out these and see what happens.

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