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Thread: Windows Vista Limited Connectivity / Unknown Network

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    Windows Vista Limited Connectivity / Unknown Network

    It almost a week now my system is not working fine. I had started a download which stucked in between. I am not able to understand where the issue lies. It is with the router or with the system. Vista shows up limited connectivity. Sometime it is not able to recognize the network entirely. It is very annoying and sometime it is stucked with limited connectivity. Sometime there is unknown network. I had tried to plug and unplug the same a number of time but still it is not working. I had checked ipconfig /all there is nothing listed.

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    It looks that your system is not having a ip configuration due to which you are getting that error. Go in your network properties and assign the ip address manually. The DHCP of your router is causing issue and I had seen at many places that Vista TCP/IP is buggy with any other router dhcp. The only way to fix the issue is adding a manual ip information on the same. Another thing you can do is connecting the system to active network directly through cable connectivity.

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    Remove the antivirus and then check back. You must disable the UAC and other antivirus stuff that is blocking the connection. You must disable that or simply remove it and then check it will be working fine. in number of systems I had seen that McAfee is the one which cause this failure. That is why I had not upgraded to Vista and still using Windows XP. Compared to Vista, XP is far more better in terms of stability and performance.

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    re: Windows Vista Limited Connectivity / Unknown Network

    EVERYONE, STOP!!!! I just called Toshiba, because I was about ready to THROW my new laptop, due to serious frustration. I didn't have to. After reading through a gazillion forums, I found out that it's NORTON that generally messes up internet connections (both wired and wireless, because I couldn't connect using EITHER), when you're uninstalling it. Not only did it lag and lock up at the end of the uninstall, but even using task manager to end task on the uninstall to "unlag" it, nothing was working.

    Was up LATE last night working on it (for about 6 or 7 hours) and got up at 5 a.m. to try again. It's not 12:50 p.m., and FINALLY, FINALLY it's working again. Most SIMPLE FIX TOO!!!!!! All you need to do (if you had ANY type of Symantec product on your computer, before, during or after this issue), just do a google search for norton uninstall tool, and download it for your proper version of Windows. Seriously. I did this last night too, but then did a system restore AFTER that, and lo and behold, the system restore put it BACK in my add/remove program list, yet it wasn't installed, and also put their firewall back up, etc..

    Trust me on this. After about 19 hours of working on this thing, I finally did it AGAIN as a last resort (put the file on a usb drive and used that to transfer it to my non-internet connected computer) and when I rebooted, I'm BACK ONLINE!!!!!

    God Bless You all, and please just download the Norton Uninstall Tool to correct this terrible, really lousy and stupid "fluke" that's installed with Vista and Norton. :)

    Have a great day, salis333

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