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Thread: 0x80004005 Error browsing network share

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    0x80004005 Error browsing network share

    I have several Windows XP and Vista systems connected with my Windows Server 2K3 domain. Network sharing is enabled on all clients and server as well. There are two vista systems with which am facing problems. They actually are not able to access the network and infact gives the error mentioned in the title above.

    I started getting this error about a week ago. I thought installing Service pack 1 will fix the problem but there was no change. Problem is though I can go to the target machine and log on and I can access the source machine I was just at. Or, on the source machine, if I log out and back on, I can then access shares.

    Whenever I try accessing network it gives me the following error under Diagnose button:
    Error code: 0x80004005, Unspecified error.

    Somebody please help.

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    Re: 0x80004005 Error browsing network share

    Most probably the cause of this problem would be any third party software and most likely any third party firewall. Do you have any third party firewall running on your systems? Specially something from Symantec? If yes, you need to uninstall the same but if you want before installing you can give it a try by booting the system in clean boot mode and see if the problem exists. If the issue persists, I suggest we try the following steps in the Safe
    Mode to test the issue:
    • Click Start, click Run, type msconfig and click OK.
    • Switch to the Startup tab and click "Disable All".
    • Switch to the Services tab.
    • Click to select the "Hide All Microsoft Services" check box.
    • Click "Disable All", and then click OK.
    • When you are prompted, click Restart to restart the computer.

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    Re: 0x80004005 Error browsing network share

    Thank you very much for the help friend. Ok, Iíll surely give it a try in next few hours but I would to say that to me it seems like the problem is with some sort of login credential expiration or something of that nature or maybe a DNS issue. What you say?

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    Re: 0x80004005 Error browsing network share

    It may also be the name resolution issue. Can you access it using IP instead of hostname? Reply back with the results.

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    I have the same problem.

    Yeah, I am able to access the server via IP address or by name as well. Dns and Wins are both set correctly. I can ping the server on name and get to it without problems. Just the explorer refuses to find this server....

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