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Thread: XP Does not detect Vista-hosted LAN Games

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    XP Does not detect Vista-hosted LAN Games

    Iím trying to start a game server on my new Vista computer. I did the same but when try to find it on the LAN browser but nothing show up. As troubleshooting I tried disabling IPv6, LLTD, installing the LLTD patch on xp, turning off all firewalls, file sharing, etc.. but none of these worked.

    When I create the same network on XP, vista is able to locate the server and connect properly. However I did all settings similar to vista, then why is it not working on Vista? Please help.

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    Re: XP Does not detect Vista-hosted LAN Games

    Are you able to ping Vista computer by IP? Have you enabled the Sharing ?

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    Re: XP Does not detect Vista-hosted LAN Games

    Hey speck, just follow these steps:
    • Open the Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel on the Vista equipped machine
    • Click on the little blue letters "View Status" next to your LAN connection (my wireless connection for me)
    • Then click on the Properties button (not wireless properties or anything else, just properties)
    • Click continue on the little annoying pop-up vista window if any
    • Now look for the field under "this connection uses the following items" there with Client for Microsoft Networks/QoS Packet Scheduler etc. You should find many of those with little checkboxes next to them.
    • Now i'm not very sure if it's only ipV6 that you need to disable, so to make sure, do steps 1-5 with you XP equipped machine to check what they have in that field, and keep the checkboxes checked for only those items. Uncheck everything else. I uncheked Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) , and the two Link-Layer ones.
    • Try again to join your lan game it should work fine.

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    Re: XP Does not detect Vista-hosted LAN Games

    Thank you for your experience with us.

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