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Thread: HTTP Error 403.7 - Forbidden: SSL client certificate is required

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    HTTP Error 403.7 - Forbidden: SSL client certificate is required

    I am in need of serious help for the error that I am getting. I am getting that on Vista. The problem is due to forbidden ssl client. I am using a Vista laptop and suddenly started getting this error. I am not able to understand the problem behind this. It is a bit complicated to get through this. I tried to reconnect the network a number of time but still it is not working. I think there is some major hardware bug with the system. Does driver update is capable of fixing the problem.

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    Re: HTTP Error 403.7 - Forbidden: SSL client certificate is required

    That a bug with IIS. But do not worry there is a solution for that. The problem basically appear due to the certificate authority service. The certificate issuing server is not available on your system and due to which you get the error. There is a valid fix for that. You can check out some of the below links that can guide you to deal with the problem.
    PRB: Error Message: 403.7 Forbidden: Client Certificate Required
    IIS 6.0: Computer must trust all certification authorities trusted by individual sites

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