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Thread: Sony VAIO & Vista wireless connection problems

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    Sony VAIO & Vista wireless connection problems

    There is a wifi router at my home. It is working fine. There is no issue with connectivity. There are around 6 different devices which are connected to it. There are mobile phone, a xp tablet, a xbox, etc. My aunt brought his laptop that has vista. Now all devices are working except that Vista laptop. It is not able to get proper configuration. When I try to connect the same I am getting a error related to SSID. The laptop configuration just stuck on the connecting network but it is not getting valid settings.

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    Disable IPv6 first and then see whether the wifi works or not. There can be a connectivity problem with IPv6 settings. You can go in your adapter properties and remove the tick from the same. I am sure it is going to work well. Sometime automatic configuration is just a waste of time and it does not work. If still this does not work then go in IPv4 settings and add manual configuration. That is one of the best way to fix the connectivity trouble. For start remove the wpa password settings and put it on public connection. It is one of the easiest way to connect to wifi.

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    I got that connectivity failure problem on Sony Vaio laptop. I was not able to figure out the issue behind it. Later on someone told me to disable the firewall and then check back. And it worked. If there is any security application in your Vista system then just disable that and check again. If you need the security settings to be turned on then simply you can add the connection under firewall exception list and check back. You can hit ipconfig /all to find that your system is accepting connection or not.

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