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Thread: Unable to connect hidden file shares

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    Unable to connect hidden file shares


    We have a fileserver with a lot of file-shares.
    One of the end with a $-sign. When i map a drive from Vista Business to \\server\share$ i get "Access is denied".
    But if i map a drive to \\server\share$\directory it works fine.
    And it's not a problem with my user. When i run the same thing on a XP-machine it works fine.

    Anyone have a idea?


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    Re: Unable to connect hidden file shares

    Hello kampmalm, you need to login as an Administrator in order to access the administrative sharing in Vista. If this is a domain network, the domain user who is a member of the Vista local Administrators group should be able to access administrative share.

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    Thank you for your answer!

    But, the server is not Vista. It's Windows Server 2003. It's just the client that is using Vista.

    And the share is not administrative share, but a lot of normal AD users have access to these shares.

    Anyone have any idea? Or is this a very odd way of using hidden shares?


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