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Thread: Vista computer thinks home network is an unidentified network

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    Vista computer thinks home network is an unidentified network

    I had added a new router recently. Before that I was using internet on my pc which was directly connected to the modem. I purchased the router so that others can also use it. But when I had connected it to the modem, the Vista laptop cannot identify the home network. I am having Windows XP desktop which works very well. There is no problem with it. But the same network in Network Sharing Center is detected as unidentified. It is really annoying to configure that. I am confused why it taking my home network which works in all other devices as unidentified. How to fix this.

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    It is necessary to upgrade the router firmware and I am sure it will help you. The second thing you can do is check the driver of your Vista nic. It is necessary that you update them and get the most latest version of the same. A outdated driver edition of router can cause this kind of failure. You can run Windows Update and find out appropriate solution for the same. If still you are getting the same kind of issue then go in your local area properties and add the ip configuration manually. Assign a proper ip address with required gateway and then check back.

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