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Thread: LAN adaptor dropping out on Dell optiplex 755

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    LAN adaptor dropping out on Dell optiplex 755

    On a new Dell Optiplex 755 system the lan adapter is failing. It has some ntel 82566DM-2 Gigabit adaptor connected. When I had hooked my internet on that there is a constant dropping in the connection. The download fails in between. I had kept some files on download through torrent. The file size is just around 200mb and still it shows long hours to download on a 512kbps link. It is very annoying. A number of time I get a popup on the screen saying that Vista is connected to some network. How can I get rid of this problem. I was no hoping to get this issue on a new vista system. Thanks.

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    The problem lies with the lan adapter. The best way to find whether the adapter is working fine or not you have to use a lan tester software. There are number of them available. Or you can ping If you get proper response then wait back. If you are getting error in that the adapter is fail. There is a hardware failure in the system and there is nothing you can do. You have to simply update the drivers and check back. But if the driver also does not work then you will need to contact dell for replacement and I am sure you will get a working solution.

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    I am also facing the same kind of issue and not able to get a working solution on that. The problem lies with my laptop. I had connected the system to the switch. But it is not taking the internet. There is no lan access also. It is a bit annoying to find what was the issue. My friend has a usb lan adapter. I tested the connection on the same. It was working well. So I called the service center and got it fixed. They replaced the onboard nic and it is not working well. Atleast in a desktop you are having a option to add a pci lan card that can work well.

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    Try changing the 'Wait for Link' setting to ON in device manager > network card > advanced settings.

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