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Thread: Script to repair/reset network adapter

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    Script to repair/reset network adapter

    I have Dell laptop running with Windows Vista. Due to some reason every time I need to repair/reset network adapter. But to do I always need to go to Network and Sharing Center > Manage Network Connections > right click on the network connect and select Diagnose> Reset the network adapter. This is long process as I always need to do it manually.

    So I was looking for a script which can do this job simply by double clicking a file on desktop. Is there any such thing? Thanks for help.

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    Re: Script to repair/reset network adapter

    I think you can also repair/reset network adapter by simply running a NETSH command. But if you want a script, simple check out the script provided here to disable and re-enable the NIC. Hope it helps.

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    The script is simple. In my case, and after talking at length with computer company, internet provider and Microsoft, discovered that the script is called: "delete Norton Internet Security," and enable Windows firewall.

    Even if i do the whole reset the network adapter thing, it still takes a while to start up, meaning that I have to do it a couple of times until it finally works. If you could help me, would really appreciate it. Thanks.

    download devcon from microsoft and put it in system32
    put this in a batch file and run

    devcon restart =net pci\*
    devcon enable =net pci\*

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    Connecting to internet / network adapters

    Im having a problem connecting to the internet. In Device manager, under the heading of network adapters all the sud files all have yellow triangles with exclamation marrks in.

    Any body know wot i can do because i cannot connect to internet to update etc.

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