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Thread: Wireless network association failed

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    Wireless network association failed

    I’m using Windows Vista Ultimate based Dell laptop which was working fine earlier with Wireless G Router. Since yesterday something unknown went wrong which in result stopped network access on this laptop. Vista is now able to see my wireless network but when I try connecting the same using “Connect to Network”, I use to get an error saying Windows cannot connect the network.

    At the same time it provides me an option to diagnose the system. I clicked the same and I received an error saying “Wireless network association failed.” What is that? And how can I get rid of it? Please help.

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    Re: Wireless network association failed

    First of all visit your router manufacturer’s website and see if there is new firmware or NIC driver released. If yes, update your router to the same. Apart from that, try reconfiguring your wireless settings (Change SSID, Lock the channel to the strongest channel, Enable WPA-Personal). Once done, go to Control panel > Switch to classic View > Network and Sharing Center > Manage wireless networks. Here all networks that are listed.

    Now try to connect your laptop to wireless network again and see ifs till you are getting the same error message.

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    I have a Toshiba laptop running Vista Home Premium. The built in wireless adaptor failed about two weeks ago. A client of mine has a Sony VAIO running the same OS that failed at the same time. I've reloaded drivers on both. Doesn't work. They do work with my external USB Linksys.

    I'm suspicious of a glitch in Vista or maybe some form of a cyber attack. Have not seen anything on-line yet. Answer me back if you have an idea. I need to check on that. Thanks for the feedback. It is either OS, driver, or virus.......

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    Re: Wireless network association failed

    I just had this problem on a customer computer ("Windows association failed due to an unknown reason"). It is a Toshiba Satellite L-305 with a Realtek RTL8187B card (which claims to be a USB 2.0 adapter), BTW. Uninstalling the wireless card driver, (not deleting the file, of course) then doing a scan for changes and letting Vista automatically reinstall the driver, that fixed the problem.

    So you might try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.

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