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Thread: What to do with nidentified Network in Vista

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    What to do with nidentified Network in Vista

    I am using a cable internet at my home. It is direct broadband connection. There is a wlan network at my area. There are many people who are using the network. When I connected the lan cable to the system, Vista detect that a unidentified network. The same is working very well on Windows XP and there is no issue at all. In Vista I am not able to get appropriate settings. The ISP told that I had just need to hook the connection and that's all. There is no need to worry about the details. The configuration is take itself but in Vista it is not working.
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    Go to the local area settings and then go in properties. There you can find TCP/IP settings. In that add the ip address and other details manually. Just contact your isp to give you details. And disable ipv6. I am sure that is going to help you and there will be no problem with the same. There are chances that sometime the settings are not added. This is one of the most common bug in Vista with netowrk configuration. It is also a complicated to find the right internal settings and I do not think there is a way to fix the same.

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    Many wan broadband provider does not provide static ip. They are on some automatic configuration. You can type ipconfig /all in the cmd and figure out what is the cause behind it. I think the dhcp on your network is not offering you a proper details or your systems lan adapter is facing some kind of problem. It is not complicated to find a working solution for the same. The only thing you can do from your end is simply updating the drivers of your network adapter. That is the only way to fix the issue. You must try to reconfigure your settings from scratch and check back the same. I hope that is going to help you in many ways.

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    I found the resolution and it was very simple. After numerous tries and nothing working with a variety of tips, I decided to try something and it worked. I am also using calbe internet via ethernet cable. This was where my problem lied. The wireless part worked fine through my Netgear router. Resetting IP and default gateways did nothing so I decided to uninstall the driver for my ethernet adapter, rebooted and installed the driver again. It the was able to identify my router and connected right away.

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