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    Logon Unsuccessful

    I have two Windows Vista running with the same workgroup on the same network running on Linksys wireless router. All settings are done properly, and file sharing is enabled. But due to some unknown reason, whenever I try to access any fles on any of these computers, I get an error message saying:

    "Logon Unsuccessful: Windows is unable to log you on. Be sure that your user name and password are correct."

    As I have created the setup, am sure about the username and password. This is the username/password which am using from years, no chance of entering it wrong. Then why windows is not accepting them? Somebody please help.

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    Re: Logon Unsuccessful

    Is the account in question activated for network access?

    Is the server running Advanced File Sharing / Password Protected Sharing?

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    Re: Logon Unsuccessful

    First of all make sure that no firewall/security software block sharing. You may try to disable Password protection sharing. Disable the IPv6 from the property page of the NIC. Make sure you have assigned permissions in the Security tab in the Properties of the shared folder. Reset Network Security LAN Manager Authentication Level from the default setting (NTLMv2 only) to Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session if negotiated.

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    Re: Logon Unsuccessful

    I searched and searched, and finally found the answer to Vista not seeing XP shared folders and vice-versa, even XP to XP in some cases. It's on the XP machine, and it has to do with File Permissions. I know this sounds stupid, but I tried EVERY trick that was out there (changing Vista's Lan Manager back to v1, making the same user on each machine, etc.) but this worked b-e-a-utifully for me.

    It's all about WHO owns (not just has the rights to) the folders/partition. I was silly and changed my user name months ago, which threw XP into a "hidden tizzy." when I added a new Vista machine to the works, the problem surfaced BIG TIME.

    Solution: I created a new user w/admin priviledges. Then I rebooted and logged in as the new user (necessary to make registry changes, etc.). Then, I copied all of the old user's Desktop, Favorites, etc. into the new account's folders to ensure I lost as little as necessary, because I'm going to kill the old account.

    Then, I went into the properties of EACH hard disc (from "My Computer") and under Sharing, I added the new user with full access permissions WITH subfolders, etc. selected. Then I went into the Security Tab, the Advanced... button and made the new user the OWNER of the disk, again WITH subfolders, etc. This can take some time... I did this, starting with my two data discs and finishing with the Windows System disc. It popped a few dialogue boxes asking if it was OK to assign the new user rights to the hidden Windows folders...I OK'd it on all ocaissions.

    I rebooted and logged in (confirming that the new user had all the rights necessary), killed the old user account, rebooted, and VOILA! I could log into it from Vista and suddenly XP could log into Vista, from both Vista/XP sides using either UNC/IP addressing and administrative (C$) or named shared priviledges.

    This is an OLD Macintosh (circa 1995) trap/trick that occurs when the owner's name is changed and pointers get smushed.

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