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Thread: "wireless authentication failed because of a timeout"

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    "wireless authentication failed because of a timeout"

    My laptop is giving a constant error about wireless authentication failed because of a timeout. I am on a wifi network which is locked by WPA password. There is another mobile which is connected and it really works well. But I am bit annoyed with the timeout error. I cannot find working solution for the same. I tried troubleshooting it but somehow the drivers also failed. I had added the system directly to the router with manual ip configuration. I think this settings must surely work and has no issue with the connectivity.

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    Can you see the wifi network detected in your system. I think you are getting issue with the password. You are not typing it properly due to which the error appears. If the password is correct then this kind of issue does not come. There is one way through which you can test it. Simply remove the password and make it a public network. Then check. If it work then you are not putting the right password. Also verify that your router and laptop is having common wifi standards or else this kind of issue remains common. I had faced the issue on vista which was due to wrong password typing only. I had modified the same and made it simple. Things went back to normal.

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    Check your IP configuration and then post it here. I think with that there can be someone help you. It is better to get a wifi modem instead of router. Because if there is any problem with the router you get this kind of issue and Vista is almost a buggy OS. It looks microsoft has not worked hard on it to fix the issues it has. For accessing the network your system needs a valid working ip address. That is quiet important. The SSID thing is basically configured the router itself. The laptop has no interference in that.

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    In my router the problem was related to a internal controller which failed to work. I thought the issue was with the laptop. There was constant authentication failure error on the screen. After sometime I tested the network by adding my friends router and it started working. There was no issue with the same. It worked well and timeout error was resolved. I had tried to upgrade the firmware of router and rightnow I am using it only on my computer. There is no other device attached. It is not at all complicated to find a working network connectivity if your hardware is not having any kind of problem.

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